Business Website & Email

Everyone that has a business or wants to promote themselves or products should have a website and branded email.

It does not have to be an expensive website and can be a simple one like I have used here.

You should also have an email address that matches the website too. It looks more professional than having an email address with “gmail” or another provider, and it also means that you retain control over the email address too.

The key is to get a website domain name, have the website hosted, get a website building tool (I use the free WordPress) and have an email address.

For this I have used Namecheap for over 10-years now as they can offer an all in one package, they are reliable, have the support and as the name suggests they are cheap. If you want a local New Zealand website address then you will have to use a local company like Crazy Domains which are also good but a bit more expensive for the hosting.

Create your Web Presence

A website is your online base to everything that you do.

It’s like your online shop front or office.

Some people believe that having a website is all that is needed … that people will come.

Having a website is like building the foundations of a house … it’s a good start but then the building begins.

But if you select a website builder like WordPress you will that it’s easy to create a quality looking website, and there is a heap of tutorials and videos that will show you how to set up your website.

You can get all the training here on the WordPress Training site.

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