What’s In Our Toolbox?

Successful online businesses use the right tools to get the best results, and these days every business should have an online presence and therefore every business should be looking at what tools are needed to get the best results.

You may already have some tools in your business … and that’s great.

Or maybe you are struggling with what you need … that fine and this should help.

Its always a good idea to research the products that other people are using, so please take a look at these and see if you can see the benefit of having these tools in your own business toolbox.

Let’s look at what the tools are;

Websites – we know that you need a website for your business and many businesses will choose to have more than one website. A website needs to look okay, but most of all it needs to work for your business. Add a blog to your website and you can start getting free leads from Google.

Email Address – you should have your email address branded to match your business (or website) rather than using the generic email addresses like Gmail.

Google My Business – this is probably the most important thing that so many businesses fail to even set up. It’s simple and free so why would you ignore this for your business. Many businesses do and therefore this gives you an opportunity to get your business on Google My Business and start getting found in local Google searches.

Social Media – it’s something that most people are aware of and do to some degree. The key is to have the tools to automate your social media activity to ensure that you can used a planned approach and get more visibility from your social media activities.

Database / Email Marketing & Automation – this is what makes everything happen on auto pilot behind the scenes. It’s probably the most important tool in your business and a good system that is set up properly will save you hours and really engage your customers and prospects.

Lead Magnets – these are not as hard to create as you might think. Get the right tools and you can really impress with your lead magnets, and by impressing you can build your list of prospects at breakneck speed.

Sales Funnels – will manage your leads until they become customers, so again an important tool for your business.

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