PrimeMeet for Video Conferencing & Much More

PrimeMeet has just been launched in the market and its like Zoom or Go to Meetings BUT without the monthly fee!

We refer to PrimeMeet as ZOOM on steroids!

With PrimeMeet, you’ll get an all in one video marketing suite that can handle just about any video marketing task you can throw at it.

This makes it a great business tool for even small businesses.

Just take a look at a few of the things PrimeMeet can do:

– Help Educational institutions

– Present PowerPoint Presentations Live

– Host Masterminds With Closed Prospects

– Record HD Quality Videos Live

– Create Online Courses Easily

– Host Podcasts Seamlessly

– Help You Close Sales With 1 on 1 Demos With Clients

– Conference calls and team meetings

– Give You The Ability To Do Whiteboard Demos Zoom currently costs $49 per month or $600 per year, and doesn’t even include many of the special features that PrimeMeet has.

PrimeMeet Review – Introduction

Looking for an all-in-one live video conferencing turnkey system?

If I say now you can host unlimited video conferences, meetings, live video chats, live classes, online trainings, podcasts, webinars and more along with real time file sharing, how do you think?

Yeah, it is truly a ground-breaking enterprise platform that empowers one’s business meetings and supports large meetings. It has been prepared by experts after deep evaluation and careful research of experiences of people’s in-person meetings to provide an easy navigation, user friendly UI with highly flexible checkbox-based rulesets for the users to simply pick the required functions.

It is the one-stop solution for all your virtual web conferencing requirements.

I proudly introduce you to a platform calld PrimeMeet, which comes out of the box with native support for all the tools & features required to create a robust and cost-effective online web conference platform without worrying about scalability, performance, and security posture.

So to know more about this product’s features and how it works, please keep reading my PrimeMeet Review.

Brief Product Review

Developer:Tom Yevsikov
Launch Date:September 2021
Front-End Price: USD$37.00
Monthly Fee:Nil
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Since the world was introduced to COVID more people have started to work from home, meaning video conferencing software has become an important connection for many businesses.

Obviously Zoom is the better known of these, but that does not mean it is any better.

PrimeMeet has more functions and capability than Zoom and small business love the fact that they can access software like this with no monthly fees.

What Is PrimeMeet?

PrimeMeet is an ultimate solution to connect & collaborate for live video chat, meeting, conference, live class, online training, webinar, podcast, p2p chat messaging, group chat, screen sharing, real time file sharing and so many other engaging campaigns to boost your business marketing strategies.

It is a completely cloud-based video conferencing platform designed to help businesses conduct virtual meetings and can easily compete with powerful software like Zoom and GoToWebinar.

It has also been specifically designed to host online training programs and webinars and PrimeMeet has no ongoing monthly fees making it a very affordable solution for small business.

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