Tips To Manage Social Media

Why Social Media Is Important

Many small businesses don’t have the time or the wherewithal to manage social media accounts, and don’t have the budget to hire someone to manage social media.

People expect to be able to connect with businesses on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn so having an active presence is important.

If you don’t then you might be missing out on new customers. More than 40% of digital shoppers use social media to research new brands and products.

Have A Social Media Strategy

People spend a lot of time on social media but there is also a lot of “stuff” that gets posted and that makes it harder to stand out.

People in marketing circles will tell you that it takes seven or more engagements before someone will make a purchasing decision, so you need a strategy that lets you get your message in front of your customers and potential customers quite a few times.

What Should You Post?

Most importantly you need to have some good content that is relevant to your followers, but it can be quite good to mix this up with some other content too.

When I am sitting down to organise my posts I split up my social media calendar into four types of posts;

  1. Special Events – I see what events are in the month and get some content for those. These are events like Easter, daylight saving, public holidays, national days or recognition etc. Find what is relevant to your business and share some pictures and link to relevant sites. It’s an easy way to get some content and you can set this to automatically post early in the morning of the specific day
  2. Share Your Blog Posts – you should have a website with a section to add blog posts. It’s a great way to get your website ranked for Google and other search engines, but it’s also a great way to share your thoughts and the benefits on specific products or services. When I write a new blog post (such as this) I will then set it to share on social media a few times. A post like this does not go out of date quickly so I will set this to share today, again in a couple of weeks and then another few times over the next 3-months. Remember with social media that only about 10-15% of your followers may see a post so they will not be concerned if you share it more than once.
  3. Find Interesting Stuff – it’s always good to find something interesting or funny as they tend to get quite a bit of engagement. On my main Facebook page for Mortgage Managers I like to share some photos of interesting houses and architecture. It’s not directly related to finance and mortgages, but it’s something that my followers react to and there is plenty to this type of stuff available.
  4. Promote Your Products & Services – don’t be afraid to blatantly advertise to your followers, but don’t over do it either. I like to add a couple of posts each month to remind them of some of the services that my business offers.

Set aside about an hour each month to brainstorm and prepare ideas, and fill in your calendar.

During the month I might add some extra posts if something happens that I feel the need to post about, and then I can push back some of posts that I have present in my social media calendar.

Using the automated posting software Sendible makes this very easy to manage social media and it also has an additional feature that picks up and lets me know what similar businesses are posting and how their information is trending.

Simple Tool To Manage Social Media

Sendible is what I use to manage all of my social media platforms.

It allows me to manage them all on this one online management system and I can schedule my posts in advance and the system even optimizes the best time to post.

It literally saves hours each week and means that I can set up all of my posts at a time that suits me. I tend to look at least a month ahead and set up a range of posts including around any special days and any focused products or releases.

The best way to manage your social media is with a platform like Sendible.

How To Build Your Followers

Firstly, and most importantly you need to have some good content and then you need to get followers to read and hopefully share your content.

Given that only about 10-15% of your followers may see a post you will want to build a decent amount of followers and to do this quickly and efficiently you need to have a planned approach too.

My five suggestions for this are;

Focus on content that people will share – this is where some of the special events and interesting stuff can work well. People tend to like to share this type of content so make sure that you have some in your social media calendar.

Share your posts in groups – find the groups that may benefit from your information, or where your potential customers are. Check the rules for the group, but most will allow you to share in them.

Boost posts – this can work quite well and is super easy to do. Some posts will attract lots of engagement when shared and so I will boost those again.

Paid advertising – this can work quite well but it can get expensive too. The key to using paid advertising is to try and collect email addresses too as you can then market directly to these people. We know that only about 10-15% of your followers may see a post whereas good email marketing has an open rate of over 30% and often much higher, plus once you have people on you list you can marketing to them over and over again.

Competitions – people love to win stuff and so competitions can work well. If you are thinking about a competition then make sure that you take the time to plan it. I use software to run my Facebook competitions which helps manage them and also more importantly gets the email addresses for all entries which allows me to add them to my list and connect directly with those people.