Business Marketing …What Is Your Priority?

If you have been on this website or read any of the checklists e-books then you will know that there are a few things that you should be doing to get your business marketing working better.

When you are getting your business systems in place it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

We talk about websites, email, setting up a Google My Business profile, planning and automating your social media, having lead magnets and sales funnels and of course having a database with email marketing and automations.

These are the main things to do.

But what should you do now?

Business Marketing ...What Is Your Priority?
no procrastination concept – do it now

What would you do now that could make the most difference to your business?

What Should You Do Now?

The key with any new strategy is to make a start, and often it really does not matter where you start as long as you actually make a start.

When tryoing to set your major priority you should first consider;

  • What of these things is missing from your business?
  • If you implemented one, how much time would that save you?
  • Are you looking for an instant impact?

If you can answer these questions that might determine where to start.

What’s Missing – most businesses will already have a website and an email address plus have a social media presence and even if they need to be worked on that can probably wait a bit longer. In this case an easy thing to start with is setting up a Google My Business profile, and best of all it’s free.

What Saves The Most Time – planning and automating your social media in advance can save a huge amount of time and is probably one of the things that would make the biggest difference to most businesses. Social media is where a lot of people spend there time with business marketing, but with the right social media software you can be so much more efficient.

What Gives Instant Impact – creating a lead magnet is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers right now and yet many people think that it’s too hard to do. If that is you then you need to look at the software that we use to create e-books and other downloads that we can give away. We call these lead magnets and using Beacon we can create these in minutes rather than the hours that it used to take us. Check out the 15-minute lead magnet that we made.

What Is Your Priority?

Your priority should be to do something today.

Your marketing efforts will be rewarded if you make the effort, but you can do so much more if you get the right tools and set some priorities.

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